How to Properly Design a Vinyl Car Wrap

Vinyl car wraps are an effective and creative approach for marketing your company and brand. However, you have to do it properly. There are a couple of factors, challenges, and key considerations you need to keep in mind to guarantee the best results.  


Graphic designers hate designing car wraps. They’re one of the hardest challenges a designer will face. Compared to designing a billboard or pamphlet, there are a lot of things you need to think about. That is why we’re here to help.  

Before you visit a vinyl wrap shop, here are several tips you can follow to properly design a vinyl car wrap: 

What Design Elements and Colors Will You Use? 

While you can certainly capture the attention of your audience if you use bold colors, having a lot of colors in a single wrap can result in an overly busy and clashing design. One excellent way to accentuate your logo is to stick with the colors of your company and incorporate 1-2 supporting colors. With this, the design will not take away the attention from your logo.  

Aside from colors, it is worth considering if you will incorporate other items into the design. For instance, an electrical company might have wires or lightbulbs included in the design, while a plumbing company may have pipes and water.  

Will You Need Additional Text? 

For a couple of companies, it can be hard to figure out what they offer based solely on their logo. If this is your case, it might be ideal if you add a couple of other design elements. This can include some supporting text. An example of supporting text can be the different services you offer, a couple of short phrases, or the slogan/motto of your company. Aside from this text, you should also include the contact details of your company to maximize advertising benefits.  

Where Will You Place the Logo? 

Displaying the logo of your company is one of the main goals of a vinyl car wrap. This will help with brand recognition and advertising. Because of this, it is vital to figure out the areas you want to position the logo. While it can be tempting to put the logo on a car as much as possible, it is more successful to use more strategic and fewer placements. A professional vinyl car wrap company can help you choose the right side of your car to place your logo.  

What Form of Cars Will You Wrap? 

You cannot design a wrap unless you figure out what model, make, and type of car you’ll use. It’s vital to know this information for determining the correct size and dimensions of the wrap. It also helps to know if there are any difficult edges or corners to think about. In addition to that, the overall cost of a vinyl car wrap will greatly differ on the car. Thus, it is important that you know this information beforehand. This will help you properly create a budget for the project.