Is It Really Worth to Clean Air Ducts?

In previous years, indoor air quality has become a major subject matter. Because of this, people are seeing more and more products and services made to improve the overall air quality that we breathe in our business and houses. This includes air duct cleaning, HVAC filtration enhancements, and air filters.  


However, you have probably asked yourself if air duct cleaning is really well-worth. Well, the answer to this question is yes. Today, we’re going to share with you why hiring air duct cleaners Birmingham is vital: 

When Should You Hire One? 

There are a couple of cases where duct cleaning may become necessary. This includes: 

  • Renovation and Construction 

Home construction, remodeling, and additions can all produce a lot of small particles and dust that can get stuck in your air duct. This can lead to lower HVAC efficiency and poor air quality. Duct cleaning is an ideal service to follow up once the construction project is done. 

  • Infestations and Pests 

A lot of common pests such as insects, rats, and mice and make a pretty nest out of your air duct. Duct cleaning by experts can effectively solve your issue if you see indications of pests. This includes the presence of insects, odd sounds, and droppings. 

  • Risks of Mold 

This is probably one of the best advantages you can get whenever you clean your air ducts. You are getting rid of a huge threat of mold. For those who don’t know, mold typically grows in air ducts quite often. Mold spores can become a serious threat to your house since ducts have a tendency to be quite spacious, moist, and dark. Duct cleaning is a great service to pursue if you think that there’s a presence of mold in your house.  

  • Regular Cleaning 

Depending on the overall cleanliness of your property, its size, and the traffic, it is an excellent move to have your system handled by experts every 3 to 5 years. This guarantees you do not end up with an accumulation of mold spore, dust, and pollen that can start to pile up and lower HVAC efficiency and air quality. Regular care also lowers the need to dust more often. 

Should You Invest in Air Duct Cleaning? 

In previous years, organizations such as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) have put a lot of research into the significance of duct cleaning. To make things simple, regular duct cleaning can have a huge influence on the cleanliness of your business or house. It can also lower a lot of the airborne threats in your property in a lot of cases. 

However, the question here is when should you start hiring a professional duct cleaning company. Duct cleaning is not required really that much because of the nature of air filtration and the habit of business owners and homeowners to keep their properties clean. This means that you don’t have to hire a duct cleaner every single month. However, you might have to hire them every year to clean your air ducts 

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